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Roller Blinds

Sleek, clean look with effective light and sun control

Roller Blinds are simple in design and really easy to operate. They fit any interior, from modern to classic! Roller Blinds can be rolled up or down to achieve the desired level of shading. A wide range of fabrics and textures ensure a match for every décor style or personal taste.

Fabrics are available in sheer finish, light filtering or block out.

Screen Roller Blinds In Gauteng | Sol Shutters & Blinds

Screen and Shearweave Roller Blinds

Screen and Shearweave fabrics have taken roller blinds to a new level and have become extremely popular amongst our clients! They are used to greatly reduce glare and UV transmission, protecting floors and furniture.

With Shearweave roller blinds the suns heat is expertly managed and solar heat build- up is well controlled making your room a comfortable space to enjoy whilst still having filtered light entering. You are able to vaguely see out and at the same time it provides privacy during the day. The opposite is true at night.

Our c- screen products are anti-microbal and offer a 95% UV block. They are available in a variety of colours.

View our range of colours.

Block-Out Blinds

Block-out Blinds are perfect for the boardroom, bedroom or baby room because they block out the light completely. To reduce the slight light that comes in on the sides and the top of the frame, we can install these on the face of the wall if installation allows.

Also available in a variety of textures and modern colours to suit any interior. Great to pair with a sheer or screen fabric on a special day/night bracket so that you have the best of both worlds.

View all colour swatches.

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Roller Blinds - Various Colours Available | Sol Shutters & Blinds

Dual Rollers

Dual rollers are 2 roller blinds on a special day/night bracket so you may have filtered light by day and block-out for privacy at night. Choose a block-out fabric and a screen fabric to match and we install the blinds on our special brackets that can house two rollers. Raise the block –out fabric in the morning to let the light in and drop the block-out in the evening to block out the light for a comfortable sleep in a dark room.

Add a roller blind cassette (pelmit) to single rollers to house the mechanism.

Zebra Blinds

Our Zebra blinds offer a unique look! They are also known as double roller blinds. They offer a see-through and solid option on one blind with one control. They are durable and long lasting and will add a modern touch to any room or bathroom.

View all colour swatches.

Your roller blinds will be made up to fit your window or door perfectly and installed by our expert installation crew.

You may choose if you would like to position the control either left or right.

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