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 The owners of Sol Blinds & Shutters have been in the blinds industry for more than 40 years. We offer a wide range of high quality blinds and promise a 2 year warranty on our blinds.

Blinds are functional as well as decorative! Of course they can be used in conjunction with curtains!

When compared to curtains, window blinds give you more control over the amount of light you allow into your space. Blinds can tilt, close completely or open fully to let in just the right amount of light you prefer and should you have a view to die for, you may raise your venetian blind or roller blind completely when you want to enjoy your view.

An easy and relatively inexpensive way of updating your home’s interior and increase its value is to add blinds as window treatments. Blinds can tie together a design and really make it feel like home. But more than just looking good, they can increase the value of your home.

With vertical and roller blinds you have options of sheer materials which act the same as net curtaining or a block-out fabric to let you enjoy late sleep-inns or keep the baby asleep for a longer period of time!

Wood Venetian Blinds add a rich, elegant, warm feeling to your home! At the same time the more modern white or grey wood venetian blinds can open up and compliment a modern home.

Wood Venetian Blinds

Wood venetian blinds add a rich, elegant, warm feeling to your home. They can be used in any interior, from modern to contemporary to rustic. Venetian Blinds are the most versatile when it comes to controlling the light that enters a room: You can guide light in, you can block light by closing the slats, you can raise the blind  to leave the window clear, close for privacy or tilt for diffused lighting.

Styro Wood Venetian Blinds

We also offer a wood substitute blind – the Styro-wood Blind. It is made from a polystyrene resin base and is an ideal choice for bathrooms or damp areas. They feel and look like wood, but do not have the characteristics of real wood which could warp or fade especially in areas that build up steam.

Styrowood blinds come in a 50mm slat and with a colour coded pelmit to cover the headrail.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

They are durable and easily operable .Whether you want the sunlight entering your room in winter or would like to diffuse the light for watching TV or work on your computer, aluminium venetian blinds will give you excellent light and privacy control.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are simple in design and really easy to operate. They fit any interior, from modern to classic!

Roller Blinds can be rolled up or down to achieve the desired level of shading. A wide range of fabrics and textures ensure a match for every décor style or personal taste.

Fabrics are available in sheer finish, light filtering or block out.

Roller Blinds For The Home | Sol Shutters & Blinds
Vertical Blinds - Wooden Venetian Blinds | Sol Shutters

Vertical Blinds

 It’s back! Vertical Blinds are back in fashion! Vertical blinds can create a chick office finish or give a modern touch to a trendy new house. They work with any window or door. They are stylish and practical and can be drawn neatly back to the side to offer unlimited views. Vertical Blinds can part in the middle or slide to either left or right.

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