New Range: 50mm Bamboo Venetian Blinds

New Range: 50mm Bamboo Venetian Blinds


It is the natural elegance of these blinds that immediately catch the eye!


In South Africa, bamboo venetian blinds are a relatively new addition to window coverings. Just like bass- wood venetian blinds, they are made up of horizontal slats and linked together by string tape. Using the control cords you may open and close the slats or adjust slightly to let in the amount of light you desire. For total privacy you may close the slats completely. The controls also allow you to pull up the blind completely to wash the windows or doors or to just enjoy a completely open view.


Sustainable resources are a hot topic these days! Bamboo grows abundantly in the Asian countries and these people have used bamboo as a building material for centuries. Bamboo furniture and window coverings are still used widely in the Asian countries and have now spilled over to rest of the world for use in furniture, home décor and kitchenware such as placemats and baskets.


Whereas we have to wait decades for trees to grow and reach maturity to use for furniture and other commodities, a bamboo plantation only takes three to five years before it can be harvested. It also needs little water to grow.


Because of bamboo being so readily available and because it is so sustainable, it has also become popular in the making of venetian blinds.


50mm Bamboo venetian blinds have the added benefit that they are lighter than wood and that puts less strain on the mechanisms of the blind. They pull up much easier.


Bamboo blinds will not only protect your floors and furniture against ultra violet light, but will provide a fresh , natural look to any living room or bedroom. If your taste is minimalistic, it will provide clean lines with a natural feel. In a more traditional home there is nothing like the warmth of natural wood colours to add texture and a cosy, warm look.


There are quite a few colours to suit any interior to choose from. Sol Blinds can provide you with a quotation on any of the following colours:


Matt White, Chestnut, Nutmeg, Beige, Stonewash, Pearl, Sand, Mist and Cloud


50mm Bamboo Blinds are really easy to maintain! Gently dust with a feather duster or use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. You may use a slightly damp cloth to remove heavier dirt.


Sol Blinds will come out to your home or office to take exact measurements of the window or door opening and then supply you with a formal quotation. Our prices are competitive and we would love to show you our beautiful range of samples.


So, give us a call if you would like to save the forests and make use of a far more sustainable product such as Bamboo!

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