Make Life Interesting With Zebra Blinds

Make Life Interesting With Zebra Blinds


Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

That makes no difference to our zebra blinds!


Zebra Blinds from Sol Blinds suit not only modern and contempory interiors, but compliment any window or door opening with whatever interior you have.


They consist of a double layering of light filtering and non- light filtering stripes.


These very cleverly designed blinds are sometimes also called “Double Blinds” or “Vision Blinds”. The light- filtering stripes allow plenty light in while the non- light filtering stripes dim out the light and allow privacy when you need it. The sheer layers allow you to see out during the day while outsiders cannot see in.


Our range of zebra blinds are so easy to operate and maintain and we do not offer you only black and white zebras! We offer you a range of colours and textures.


There are bold and bright colours as well as neutral colours to suit any interior. Zebra blinds operate in the same fashion as roller blinds. If they are installed flush with your window reveal, they hardly take up any space and you will not need any further curtaining or window treatments. Furthermore, these blinds will protect your furniture and flooring!


Zebra Blinds from Sol Blinds can make life interesting. Invite a zebra into your home!

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