Security Shutters vs Retractable Safety Doors

Why security shutters and not just a normal retractable safety door?


We often hear that aluminium security shutters are so expensive! However, there are quite a few considerations one should keep in mind when purchasing shutters versus the more conventional and inexpensive retractable safety door or gate.


What is it that makes shutters a worthwhile purchase?


High End Security with a Sophisticated Look


Our ShutterGuard product does not only offer you the ultimate security you desire to keep your home and family safe from intruders, but it also makes a fashionable statement. It adds a classy and pleasing “look” to your home.


Shutters also add great value to your house. Should you at some stage consider selling your home. Estate agents will agree that the new owner can just “move in”. No curtains to alter or hang, privacy already there. Security guaranteed!




With certain types of security gates, you will still need to hang curtains to gain the privacy you want for your home.

One should also take into consideration that it is quite costly to have curtains dry-cleaned or have the schlep of washing and drying it yourself.

Aluminium shutters are easy to maintain. Wipe with a damp cloth and most importantly keep your bottom track clean with the vacuum cleaner attachment and you will have no problem with your shutters.


Range of Colours


Our aluminium shutters are available in a range of colours to suit your interior.
Shutters allow you to decide how much privacy you want. By adjusting the louvres when the security shutter is locked in the closed position you can still have a view or total privacy whereas normal security doors or gates cannot give you this option.


Adjust the Light Inflow


Other types of security doors or retractable safety gates do not give you the option to adjust the amount of light or sunlight you would like to enter your living space. By adjusting the louvres you can darken your room or open it up to let the amount of light and fresh air in that you desire.


Noise Reduction


Shutters also give you a certain amount of noise reduction which is something that the retractable safety gate cannot offer you.


Yes, you will be paying more upfront for shutters compared to your conventional retractable type of safety door, but you will be adding so much more value and beauty to your home.

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